It's time for the...

Fellers' Cake Bake

What is the Feller's Cake Bake? Well, it's time you spend with your scout in the kitchen baking and decorating a cake where everything is edible inside and outside of the cake including all decorations using the categories below.

Cake Judging Categories
  • Yummiest Looking
  • Best Cub Scout Theme
  • Most Unique
  • Tallest
  • Most Patriotic
  • Best Holiday Theme
  • Den Chief's Choice
  • Judges' Choice (Best overall)

  1. ALL PARTS OF THE CAKE MUST BE EDIBLE. Cakes that are not completely edible will be disqualified.
  2. Store bought cake mixes and canned icings may be used.
  3. Cakes are to be baked and decorated by each scout, with appropriate parental guardian supervision AS NEEDED (especially with hot ovens and kitchen tools - please be careful).
  4. Cakes are to be delivered to UM Church Fellowship Hall from 6:00 - 6:15 pm on the evening of the pack meeting.
  5. Cakes are to be placed on a disposable plate or tray.
  6. Each cake must have a card with a title on the front, scout's name on the back; cakes will be assigned numbers upon delivery for judging purposes.
  7. Cakes will be judged and awards distributed at the pack meeting.
  8. Cakes will be cut and served with ice cream after awards are announced - so bring your friends and family.
  9. Have Fun!