Web Cheatsheet

This section is a quick reference for adult leaders and volunteers updating the Pack 40 website. Pack 40 does not control the websites linked below, and not all links listed here may be acceptable for children. If you have any questions or suggestions for this list, please send them to webmaster@mvpack40.org. Thanks!


Non-Google Services

Most of this page is dedicated to Google services, so I thought I'd list the non-Google services so they weren't lost with everything else. These sites contain advertising -- you get what you pay for! :)


Free online service; fees only for advanced features. Excellent for signups where a specific number of people or items are needed, or each person needs to sign up for more than one thing. E.g.: who's bringing what to a potluck, who can work which job/shift at an event, who can bring which item (and how much) when a specific amount is desired beforehand. Everyone (with access to your signup) can see who has signed up for what on your signup list. Registration required for volunteers.


Free online service; fees if money is collected. Excellent for signups for events where a basic headcount is required - how many adults/kids/guests for an event, with their names and contact information. Only the coordinator can view the list of who signed up.


Free online service; fees only for premium features. Cannot customize information collected from volunteers with free version (only name and phone #). Great for events where both volunteers and items are needed. Layout is nicer than SignupGenius; no volunteer logins required.


Free online photo hosting service. Used to create slideshows for the photos page. See instructions here: http://pic.photobucket.com/dev_help/RSS/Photobucket_RSS_Feeds.htm. Can upload photos via emails or text; for a specific folder, put the folder's name in the subject.


Your google login and password gives you access to all of Google's services. You can log in from any google page (gmail, sites, calendar, groups, etc.) Once you are logged in, you will be signed in for ALL google services until you log out. Not everyone has access to everything, so if you find that I neglected to give you access to something you need, please send me a detailed email and I'll get it sorted out. :)

QR Codes

QR codes are the square barcode images that can been read by many smartphones. This is an easy way to give people information for their smartphone without needing to type on those teeny-weeny keys! As of today (10/2014), qrcodes can been used to encode text, web addresses, and map coordinates (among other things). Google has a service that will create a qrcode for you. Click here for the Google instruction page.

Insert an image, specify that it is a web address, and enter this address:


  • "200x200" is the size of the desired image (yes, it must be square),
  • characters after "chl=" are the data to be encoded. Special characters need to be escaped.
To encode text, simply type the desired text after "chl=" in the address. To encode a web address, type the desired address making sure to include the "http://" part. To encode a location, type "geo:" followed by the latitude, a comma, and the longitude.
The more characters you encode, the more complex the code will be.

Hello, World! qrcode
Cheatsheet address qrcode
Camp Waubeek qrcode
 Hello, World!
(Space " " is escaped.)
(Camp Waubeek)



Google Groups


  • Sending Email to the list

    • address your email to <mvpack40@googlegroups.com>. The email account you use to send the email must be registered on the list BEFORE you can send email to the list.

    • if you need to send email to the list from a third party service (invitations from signupgenius, eventbrite, volunteerspot):
      • third party companies are NOT registered on the Pack 40 email list, so cannot send mail to our list directly. But, you can work around that!
      1. send the email invitation to YOUR account, then
      2. forward the email to <mvpack40@googlegroups.com> as above.
  • Add address(es) to the email list

    1. Have parents use the form on the Pack 40 Email List page to signup for the email list. The responses are in the spreadsheet here.
    2. Add addresses to email list (Google help)
      • use the following format for email addresses, paying attention to the quotes and brackets:
        • "Firstname Lastname" <address@somewhere.com>
      • Make sure that "All Email" is selected under "Email subscription options", or folks may not be getting your emails.
    3. Email the den leader so he/she can add the address to their den's email list.
    4. Mark the spreadsheet that the address has been added to the list.
  • Delete address(es) from email list

    • Have parents delete their own email address from the group list when possible! Unsubscribe results may take up to 24 hours to process by google.
  • Send Calendar Reminders to email list

  • Create email alias for group messages
    • Go to Google Domains (or your domain name registrar) and create an email alias. I created "group@mvpack40.org" --> "mvpack40@googlegroups.com"
      • The tricky part is that Google will want to verify your address. You need to be able to see the message, but you don't want your entire group to get receive it. So....
    • Create a second alias to an email you control directly, such as "testme@mvpack40.org" --> "mvpack40@gmail.com"
      • You will receive an email to verify your address. Find the sending address.
    • Add the sending address to your google group, no posting, moderated.
    • Resend the verification email from step 1. :)
    • Check the group moderation queue for the verification email. Click the link to verify.
    • Send a test message to the group at the new address (moderate yourself just to be quiet).
    • Delete the verify address from your google group.
    • Remove the second alias from step 2.
    • Send a message to the group notifying them of the change, and enjoy.

Google Drive - File Storage (docs, spreadsheets, forms, images) - drive.google.com

Hmmm...where to start?
Putting images on Google Drive in spreadsheets (especially frozen rows on headers):

Permissions and Sharing

Controlling access is requires careful thought. Give the minimum permission needed. Basically for this website, you want the world to be able to view almost everything, but change nothing. Few people can make changes to the website content, fewer still can delete it. Google gives an overview of sharing here. The rules apply not only to Google Sites, but to the other google products too: docs, calendar, maps.

Maps - maps.google.com

Sites/Webpage - sites.google.com

For all website changes, you must be logged into google AND you must have permission to change whatever you are changing. If you need permissions that you do not yet have, please email me!
  • Tutorial

  • add news article

    • navigate to the desired news list: pack (Pack News) or a specific den (Den News). 
    • Click the "New Post" button.
    • Write up your new post. Images are fun. Proofread!
    • Click "Save" to save and post your new news message.
  • change page content

    1. navigate to the page you wish to change
    2. use the buttons in the top right margin to edit the page
    3. Be sure to click "Save" when you are finished.
  • add/delete/change date counter

  • link to an image in Google Drive

    • in Google Drive, navigate to the desired image
    • "share" the image, copy the link to share
    • paste the link, changing the format:
      • original link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1OpZ2d8RKDuN05pSURLQ0djRTA/edit?usp=sharing
      • corrected link: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B1OpZ2d8RKDuN05pSURLQ0djRTA
  • change the size of an image

    • click the image, then click on S, M, L, or original
      S (small)
       M (medium)
       L (large)

  • remove black box around an image

    • if you want the image to be a link: click <HTML>, scroll down to find the name of your image, add style="border-width: 0px; background-color: transparent;" near border=0
    • In this example the original html was:
      div style="display:block;margin-right:auto;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:0px;text-align:left"><a href="https://sites.google.com/site/mvpack40/google-cheatsheet/announcement%20Cub-Scouts-33.gif" target="_blank"><img src="https://sites.google.com/site/mvpack40/google-cheatsheet/announcement%20Cub-Scouts-33.gif" border="0" height="200" width="154"></a></div>
    • and the new html (with the change in bold) is:
      <div style="display:block;margin-right:auto;margin-top:5px;margin-bottom:0px;text-align:left"><a href="https://sites.google.com/site/mvpack40/google-cheatsheet/announcement%20Cub-Scouts-33.gif" target="_blank"><img src="https://sites.google.com/site/mvpack40/google-cheatsheet/announcement%20Cub-Scouts-33.gif" style="border-width:0px;background-color:transparent" border="0" height="200" width="154"></a></div>

    • if you do NOT want the image to be a link: click the image, then "Remove" link
      cub announcements image

Other Google Sites references:

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