Camp Wakonda

Bear & Wolf Resident Camp 2015

Bear & Wolf Camp is a longer, more structured camp organized specifically for new Bear and new Wolf Scouts. Rotations throughout the camp program areas are organized to ensure fun and provide a learning experience. The camp is a two-night, one and a half day experience located at the Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation.

  • When:
    • July 19-21
  • Where: Camp Wakonda (see map)
  • Who: Pack 40 Bear and Wolf scouts and adult partners
  • Fees:
    • Scouts: $60 per scout, due by noon May 20; add $20 late fee after May 20
      • The original cost is $120 per scout -- Pack 40 is paying 50% of the camp fee!
    • Adult partners: $65 each, due by noon May 20; add $20 late fee after May 20
    • Camperships are available. See for more information and due dates.
  • Registration Deadlines:
    • noon, May 20
    • TBD noon, July 7 (to the council office - include late fee)

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Who's Going to Camp

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Camp Registration Instructions

  1. SIGN UP: Complete the registration form for each scout and adult who will be attending camp. Click the button above to start.
  2. HEALTH FORM: Download, complete and print a BSA Health & Medical Form - Parts A & B for each person attending camp - both scouts and adults. A copy of the participant's health insurance card - both sides - is required with the health form.
  3. YOUTH PROTECTION (adults only): If you have not already, please go to and complete the free Cub Scout Youth Protection training. It is a video with questions and answers throughout; it should take less than 30 minutes to complete. First time users to will need to create an account. If you are not a registered leader with Pack 40, be sure to print a copy of your completion certificate at the end of the training and include a copy with your registration materials. Our scouts thank you!
  4. FEES: Camp fees are calculated in the roster spreadsheet above. Please turn in a check for your camp fees to our treasurer, Beth Johnson. If you have any questions, or would like to use popcorn money, please contact Beth at
  5. TURN IN: Collect ALL forms (health forms with copies of insurance cards, youth protection certificate) and turn in to Lori Jiacinto by NOON on the given deadline date.
Any questions? Pack 40 Summer Camp Coordinator: Lori Jiacinto (895-8006 or